what was, what is and what will be

Welcome to the ‘(save) Laguna Whitsundays’ website.

The site is both a pictorial documentation of the Laguna Quays Resort and its wonderful inhabitants and the once loved, world ranking Turtle Point golf course.  Showcasing hidden treasures and an abundance of local Australian Flora and Fauna.

I’m hoping to capture the mystery and magical beauty of a forgotten paradise that captivated and ignited my imagination and creativity.   

Laguna is currently owned by Fullshare Holdings P/L. (Chinese based company).  Its been a number years now since the Fullshares’ takeover, we remain optimistic and look forward to seeing improvements.    

Jennifer Weinstein

Australian Bush Turkey

(aka Tamás)

The Australian brush-turkey is fully protected in Queensland. Management of its natural habitat and respect for the bird is important if the brush-turkey is to continue to have a secure future.

Scientific name: Alectura lathami

Rank: Species

Higher classification: Alectura

I hope you enjoy the photographs and respect that they are all subject to copyright and should not be used or copied without my express permission.

“Facts do not cease to exist 
because they are ignored” 
Aldous Huxley